Qal-Tek Under New Ownership

Back in March 2015, Travis Snowder, Qal-Tek’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, purchased Qal-Tek from the company founder Dale Snowder. This transaction had been discussed for several years as Dale was interested in retiring from the business. Dale was retained as a consultant and looking forward to a well deserved retirement when he unexpectedly passed away only a few months later.

Travis was originally hired as a seasonal calibration technician in 1999. He worked his way through the organization as a Sales Associate, Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and eventually took over all Qal-Tek Sales and Operations in 2009.

During his tenure, Travis has successfully expanded the companies client base and service portfolio, resulting in sales growth from under $1 Million annually to approximately $4 Million Dollars annually.

He successfully developed two consecutive contracts (10 year term) with the New York City Fire Department. Under Travis’s direction, Qal-Tek has performed with consistently excellent reviews for eight years of service in successfully maintaining one of the largest, non-military, meter inventories in the country with over 15,000 instruments.

In order to automate Qal-Tek and increase it’s competitive offering, he designed and constructed a SQL server database system to automate all of Qal-Tek’s specific and proprietary processes. This database, mEyeCal, is currently used by FDNY, and is just being released to all of Qal-Tek’s clients for online asset management and oversight.

More recently, in 2013, Travis designed an unprecedented radiological training service platform using unwanted radiological materials. This program, while also finding extended life for radiological materials, has increased the radiological awareness for thousands of first responders, military CBRNE groups, USAR Teams and numerous regional Civil Support Teams. He personally holds a patent for the methodologies employed in delivering real, yet safe, radiological training dose fields.

During Qal-Tek’s growth, Travis identified failing Quality standards and engineered a redesigned A2LA Quality program. Under his oversight, Qal-Tek improved its ISO17025 and performance deficiencies from 17 general program deficiencies to 3 specific deficiencies in less than 15 months. This process included the re-writing and re-training of over 65 operational, administrative and calibration procedures.

In 2011, he founded the New WB Johnson Instruments. He recognized the historical significance carried by WBJ and saw an opportunity to revitalize the brand while offering the industry a better standard. Under his direction, WBJ has created a new quality standard and expanded their product line with the addition of the portal monitor series, the Digital meter series and the brand new Falcon, Predator and EagleEye product lines, offering mesh networking and state of the art detectors.

Travis entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to quality guides his performance. He prides himself in offering the industry revolutionary solutions to old problems. Through this mindset and his unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, he has guided Qal-Tek to become of the most recognizable and reputable service organizations in the industries in which they service.