Qal-Tek Reports Great Growth in 2015

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Qal-Tek had a great year in 2015, showing its best year in its 18 year history. QTA ended the 2015 year with nearly 20% growth over 2014. Travis Snowder, President and CEO states, “This year is the combined results of our entire staff working towards a unified goal”.

Qal-Tek showed marked growth in nearly all departments with exception of some parts of the business undergoing changes lasting into mid 2015. Qal-Tek’s well balanced service platform grew through its calibration services, product sales, and instrument management programs to surpass our highest goals. “Despite our significant changes over the last couples of years, our investments in people, training, and process improvements are having the desired affect, and I am very pleased with the progress we’ve made in 2015”, reports Travis.

Reports from Qal-Tek’s growing list of satisfied customers reflect the positive results of our changes and our new standard of quality and delivery. Qal-Tek is more focused than ever on 2016 and is busy expanding our exposure and accessibility to assist those clients looking for high quality radiological support services across the entire United States.

“Our ability to adapt to market needs in a timely manner is one thing we do quite well at Qal-Tek”, Travis added. “We’ve only just flexed our muscles this year, showing the world what we are capable of, and 2016 is expected to be an even better show.”

Qal-Teks made some bold moves such as, complete restructuring of its Sales department, formalized Customer Service, increased sales personnel, and completely overhauled its accounting and consulting services departments. As part of its continual improvement philosophy, focus was placed on enhancing the quality and delivery of our Reutilization/Disposal program for unwanted radioactive sources and is currently working with multiple organizations and states to further expand its usefulness in this market.

Looking forward, Travis says, “We are very excited about the improvements we’ve made, and we expect to continue to get better while we build upon the successes of 2015.”

He only sees an increased need for Radiation Safety in the market and believes he and his company are well positioned to provide the support many are seeking after. Travis concludes by saying “We won’t stop improving or expanding anytime in the foreseeable future. There is much work ahead to support the beneficial uses of nuclear technologies while protecting workers, the public, and the environment and Qal-Tek will work tirelessly to preserve both.”