Qal-Tek Participates as Partner in RDS Contract

In September of 2016, Qal-Tek Associates was awarded a subcontract as a critical supplier for VPI Technology Group.  VPI, serving as the prime contractor to the US Army, was awarded the first phase of a $165.2 million contract for the development of a Radiological Detection System (RDS).  Qal-Tek plays an important part of the RDS development team pulling from its extensive instrumentation and training experience. Also included in the team are D-tect Systems, Inc. and W. B. Johnson Instruments, which provide a rich background of radiation detection instrumentation manufacturing and which will distribute the eventual commercial versions of the RDS products. Travis Snowder, President/CEO of Qal-Tek Associates said, “This team has been working on the pursuit of this contract for a long time. We knew that this team was able to bring something special to this project, and we are excited to play such an important role in protecting our war-fighters.”

Qal-Tek has been working closely with VPI in the development, design, and testing of the new system since the award.  Morgan Taylor, CEO of VPI, stated, “This project’s objective of supporting and protecting US military war-fighters is one that VPI is proud to execute. It allows our team to combine radiological, operational, and engineering expertise to assist our warfighters in their missions.  We are confident that the capabilities this teaming arrangement brings to the project will allow us to successfully fulfill the requirements of the program.”

The RDS project is a multi-phase project, with the first phase of engineering and testing lasting from September of 2016 through 2019.

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