Phoenix Ace Rad

Qal-Tek has actively been demonstrating its new radiation sensing drone, the Phoenix Ace Rad over the past couple of months.  This unique drone is designed for inspecting emergency response sites to assess potentially dangerous conditions before sending in First Responders.  The Ace Rad is equipped with sensitive gamma detectors that provide high sensitivity to measure low level background micro-R levels with added range that extends all the way to 100 R/h.

A very key feature is the one hour flight time that enables the drone to not only map the radiation readings of the incident site, but to also fly in closer to more thoroughly inspect high radiation readings or simply view the incident via its EO/IR cameras.  This all carbon fiber, modular, 4 rotor design delivers a very durable and stable design that is easy to fly.  Several pre-programmed flight modes help pilots maintain flight safety any time they get into trouble or simply need to pay more attention to something else for a brief while.

After the mission, the Ace Rad breaks down quickly and along with the base station radio and flight control can be packed into a backpack for ease of transport.

If you’re looking for a professional drone capable of flying missions upwards of an hour and outfitted with sensors, mission software, mapping, flight training and expert reach-back support, contact us at (208) 523-5557.  We think you’ll be impressed!

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