Looking For A Better Way to Manage Your Inventories?

Within each industry, different types of assets such as instruments, equipment, and vehicles are critical to running your business each and every day. Independent of the asset type, the one common factor that always exists is that they all need to be properly tracked, maintained, and managed if your organization is going to run efficiently.

Things may seem simple initially, but when you attempt to accurately track all the data including service cycles, maintenance records, repair reports, calibration due dates, calibrations certificates, licensing, personnel training records, and the items current location in real-time, it can become extremely challenging if not impossible with a simple spreadsheet or paper-based system.   It becomes even more challenging the larger your inventory grows, the more dynamic and frequent events become, and as more people become involved in the process.

As we’ve witnessed many times when looking at others inventory issues, it can be difficult to near impossible to keep all of the proper documentation gathered in the same place where it’s easily accessible. Further compounding the issues include documents that are not uploaded properly, removed for whatever reason, or simply lost in the process. Mismanaging your inventory can lead to reoccurring issues that negatively impact your goals of maintaining an efficient and cost effective program. Missed calibration cycles, lost assets, repeated repairs, and missing documentation, can leave you vulnerable to potential threats, poor audit reports, inflated costs, and even liability issues.

To solve all the challenges that are incurred while managing inventories, Qal-Tek developed an innovative software solution called mEyeCal that supports a wide variety of industries.  A key feature of mEyeCal is that it’s a cloud based program facilitating easy 24/7 access to a centrally-located database for performing real-time, asset management from any device equipped with a browser and connected to the internet.

Some of the other mEyeCal’s features include:

  • Early instrument service due date notification
  • Instrument location tracking
  • Repair tracking
  • Identifying instruments needing replacement
  • Cost break downs
  • Easy access to any calibration certificate
  • Document storage for uploads (Training Certificates, Owners manuals, Training Procedures, etc.)

mEyeCal presents an affordable solution whereby you can either manage your inventory system more efficiently yourselves or where Qal-Tek can manage it for you professionally. For more information please reach out to us here at Qal-Tek; we will be glad to show you how mEyeCal can improve your inventory management situation.

Written by

Royce Manwaring
Government Solutions/Account Management

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