Jeremy Teeples Promoted to COO

Qal-Tek is pleased to announce its new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Jeremy Teeples.   Jeremy was promoted from Operations Manager on 9-15-2017, a position Jeremy has held since 2014.

This is a significant milestone in Qal-Tek’s nearly twenty year history, as it is the first time the companies daily activities will be run by someone other than the founding family.  “Jeremy possesses an excellent combination of skills as a trusted leader and his history at Qal-Tek make him the perfect candidate.  I’m excited to see his success and for Qal-Tek to make this next step in our growth.” said Travis Snowder, President/CEO.

In Jeremy’s six years he has been instrumental in Qal-Tek’s growth while helping to build the innovative spirit of the company.  Jeremy initially came aboard working for WB Johnson, an affiliate company, where he took over operations and helped in its promotion efforts.  His successful efforts there led him to Qal-Tek where he initially oversaw all instrument service operations.  In 2015, Jeremy was handed the radiological device and breakdown operations where he has improved the operational efficiency.

In his tenure at Qal-Tek, Jeremy has won the respect and admiration of his fellow workers for his ability to get things done while juggling a wide range of duties and responsibilities.  Under his leadership, work quality and operational efficiency has improved, and he has helped to spearhead many key company initiatives very successfully.

Congratulations to Jeremy, and we look forward to his direction as Qal-Tek continues its journey of providing innovation solutions.

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