Fantastic Little Geiger Counter

I recently met Dan Sythe, the owner of International Medcom, who showed me his latest design which is an innovative geiger counter he calls the ONYX. It uses the standard 2″ GM pancake detector supplied by LND so the sensitivity is exactly like any HP-260 or 44-9 probe. But that’s where any similarity ends.

This palm sized, industrial-designed device displays count rate, exposure rate, performs a timed count, logs data, interfaces to a free Google Chrome app, and easily fits in your pocket. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery, has an OLED display, and employs a touch-sensitive keypad to switch between modes and navigate the intuitive menu.

After 37 years in the HP instrument market, I can honestly say I am blown away by this little device. If you’re either looking for a cost-effective replacement for your tired old geiger counters, or looking for something that is genuinely new and exciting, this may be exactly what your looking for.

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