Don Prescott Retires

Qal-Tek celebrated Don Prescott’s retirement with a luncheon on January 5th, 2018.  Don joined the company with one other individual on the same day making them employee number two and three at Qal-Tek.  Don quipped, “I guess I’m employee number 2.5!”  President Travis Snowder delivered a speech recalling many shared memories and expressing gratitude both personally and on behalf of the company for his many years of service to the company.  Don was a highly respected Subject Matter Expert (SME) and instrumental in developing much of Qal-Tek’s calibration processes and training its technicians.

Don will be greatly missed and we wish him and his wife all the best as they enjoy retirement together.


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  1. Gene Thompson
    Gene Thompson says:

    Congratulations to Don!
    Don and I worked together for a few years out at the Raft River Geothermal DOE project back in the early 1980’s. Don is one of the nicest and most friendly folks I ever met and worked with. He always found a way to do what seemed to be the impossible. Love his family.

    Enjoy Retirement Don!!

    Gene & Colleen Thompson


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