Looking For A Better Way to Manage Your Inventories?

Within each industry, different types of assets such as instruments, equipment, and vehicles are critical to running your business each and every day. Independent of the asset type, the one common factor that always exists is that they all need to be properly tracked, maintained, and managed if your organization is going to run efficiently. […]

Why do nuclear density gauges suffer from corrosion?

Nuclear density gauges are exposed to extreme, moisture-rich environments. From the torrential downpours and hurricanes of Texas, to the arid deserts of Arizona, nuclear density gauges are expected to perform in a variety of conditions. For the most part, these instruments are rugged and can withstand much of what nature has to offer; however, this […]


New OSCAR Trucks

Qal-Tek is looking forward to rolling out their new fleet of OSCAR trucks over the next month.  Our revolutionary mobile platform that delivers the 3-block, A2LA accredited calibrations for nuclear density/moisture gauges has been a great success.  We have put on  hundreds of thousands of miles on each truck and its time to retire and […]