Phoenix Ace Rad

Qal-Tek has actively been demonstrating its new radiation sensing drone, the Phoenix Ace Rad over the past couple of months.  This unique drone is designed for inspecting emergency response sites to assess potentially dangerous conditions before sending in First Responders.  The Ace Rad is equipped with sensitive gamma detectors that provide high sensitivity to measure […]

Fantastic Little Geiger Counter

I recently met Dan Sythe, the owner of International Medcom, who showed me his latest design which is an innovative geiger counter he calls the ONYX. It uses the standard 2″ GM pancake detector supplied by LND so the sensitivity is exactly like any HP-260 or 44-9 probe. But that’s where any similarity ends. This […]

New Wireless Capability for WBJ Portals

WB Johnson recently announced the release of a wireless option for it series of AM-801 portal monitors.  These portals are already the most sensitive and user-friendly in the market; the wireless option now positions it as the most powerful too. The wireless option broadcasts the status and measurements of every person going through the portals […]