Message from the President

Dear Clients and Vendors,

I wish to reach out to all of you in response to the numerous changes that have taken place at Qal-Tek Associates. These changes have positioned Qal-Tek to be a leader in the industries in which we provide service and support. We take great pride in our mission to provide revolutionary solutions to age-old problems. This mission has guided Qal-Tek’s growth in many areas and has required several changes in our structure in order to improve our quality, rate of delivery, documentation and our ability to support our many clients.

Some of our changes include:

– New company ownership and management team
– A new customer service department to streamline client requests and support
– A new logistics database to improve our accuracy in scheduling work requests
– A new CRM system to support our customers tracking of leak tests, calibrations, documentation and all other forms of asset management
– A new Electronic forms system for electronic processing of radioactive materials shipment, transfers and receipts
– A restructuring of our Consulting Services department to allow better support of requests and ensure more timely and accurate documentation
– A reorganized accounting department to ensure more timely and accurate invoicing and payments
– Electronic client feedback processes to better respond to your requests.

We recognize that these changes have been significant and we thank you for your understanding and ongoing support throughout. Qal-Tek will continue to make the necessary improvements to continually increase our quality and reputation in the industry.

We invite you to contact us about our new online quality system and how we can help improve our services and quality.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving your needs.

Travis Snowder
Qal-Tek Associates

Qal-Tek Under New Ownership

Back in March 2015, Travis Snowder, Qal-Tek’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, purchased Qal-Tek from the company founder Dale Snowder. This transaction had been discussed for several years as Dale was interested in retiring from the business. Dale was retained as a consultant and looking forward to a well deserved retirement when he unexpectedly passed away only a few months later.

Travis was originally hired as a seasonal calibration technician in 1999. He worked his way through the organization as a Sales Associate, Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and eventually took over all Qal-Tek Sales and Operations in 2009.

During his tenure, Travis has successfully expanded the companies client base and service portfolio, resulting in sales growth from under $1 Million annually to approximately $4 Million Dollars annually.

He successfully developed two consecutive contracts (10 year term) with the New York City Fire Department. Under Travis’s direction, Qal-Tek has performed with consistently excellent reviews for eight years of service in successfully maintaining one of the largest, non-military, meter inventories in the country with over 15,000 instruments.

In order to automate Qal-Tek and increase it’s competitive offering, he designed and constructed a SQL server database system to automate all of Qal-Tek’s specific and proprietary processes. This database, mEyeCal, is currently used by FDNY, and is just being released to all of Qal-Tek’s clients for online asset management and oversight.

More recently, in 2013, Travis designed an unprecedented radiological training service platform using unwanted radiological materials. This program, while also finding extended life for radiological materials, has increased the radiological awareness for thousands of first responders, military CBRNE groups, USAR Teams and numerous regional Civil Support Teams. He personally holds a patent for the methodologies employed in delivering real, yet safe, radiological training dose fields.

During Qal-Tek’s growth, Travis identified failing Quality standards and engineered a redesigned A2LA Quality program. Under his oversight, Qal-Tek improved its ISO17025 and performance deficiencies from 17 general program deficiencies to 3 specific deficiencies in less than 15 months. This process included the re-writing and re-training of over 65 operational, administrative and calibration procedures.

In 2011, he founded the New WB Johnson Instruments. He recognized the historical significance carried by WBJ and saw an opportunity to revitalize the brand while offering the industry a better standard. Under his direction, WBJ has created a new quality standard and expanded their product line with the addition of the portal monitor series, the Digital meter series and the brand new Falcon, Predator and EagleEye product lines, offering mesh networking and state of the art detectors.

Travis entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to quality guides his performance. He prides himself in offering the industry revolutionary solutions to old problems. Through this mindset and his unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, he has guided Qal-Tek to become of the most recognizable and reputable service organizations in the industries in which they service.

Qal-Tek Founder, Dale Snowder Passes Away

H. Dale Snowder
December 3, 1950 – May 9, 2015

Our founder and past President of Qal-Tek passed away on Saturday May, 9th.  His leadership and commitment to the Qal-Tek mission paved a path for Qal-Tek.

?Dale was born December in Ada Oklahoma to Ruby and Harold Snowder. He and his brother Gary were the best of friends, growing up in many different places as they followed their father in his military career. As he did later in life, he directed adventure, serving his role as an older brother.

Dale served a mission for the LDS church in the western states, including Southeast Idaho. After his mission, he returned to BYU to finish his Geology degree. While there, he met the love of his life, Kristie Lee Smith. He and Kristie were sealed in the Salt Lake City, LDS Temple on November 2, 1972. Together they raised five children and settled in Rigby, Idaho. His greatest joy was in time spent with family.

Dale became a legend in his field and loved his work. His expertise was called on for projects with NASA Space Shuttle, the Russian nuclear program and many organizations and committees throughout the world. In 1998, Dale founded Qal-Tek Associates and blessed many lives through his work.

He dedicated his life to helping people whether it was financially, emotionally or through a supporting friendship. Dale enjoyed working with the youth through his leadership in scouting for over 20 years.  At the time of his passing, Dale was serving as a Bishop at BYU Idaho where he truly immersed himself and loved the students he served.

Dale never missed an opportunity to spend time in the outdoors; hunting, fishing, riding ATV’s, rafting, boating or anything, which included motorized toys and time away. He preached the motto of work hard and play harder.

Dale’s example and friendship will never be forgotten or replaced, we at Qal-Tek will miss him greatly.

New Company RSO

Qal-Tek welcomes Michael Albanese as our new company Radiation Safety Officer. Michael arrived late 2014 from a fortune 50 pharmaceutical company in Pennsylvania. He has a BS in Health Physics with over 23 years of experience and is a Board Certified Laser Safety Officer (CLSO).

As a former Corporate Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Officer he’s experienced in laser, magnet, ultra-violet and electromagnetic field safety. Michael is an IATA and CFR certified HazMat shipper, 40 Hr. OSHA and Hazmat technician trained and attended DOE’s Y-12 ART training.

Michael has a long history of developing and providing training to a diverse audience and designing and running emergency scenarios for ionizing and non-ionizing sources. He’s also lead and participated in site and corporate audits of ionizing and non-ionizing programs.

New Radiation Specialist Training Course Available

Qal-Tek Associates, in partnership with Guardian Centers is pleased to announce its new Radiation Specialist training course designed to teach emergency responders true radiation behavior through use of live radiation sources.  This course lasts five days and is conducted at Guardian Centers’ exclusive 75 acre training facility located in Perry, GA. For more details or to register, refer to our website or Guardian Centers.

Qal-Tek Trains CBIRF at Guardian Centers

Qal-Tek recently completed training CBIRF at Guardian Centers where well over 200 marines encountered real radiation events.  The exercise lasted an entire week which included classroom training, practical, and finally real life scenarios that ran day and night.

The rad training was all formulated and administered by Qal-Tek in partnership with Guardian Centers.  This event received high profile attention from generals who visited the exercises as well as CBS news that ran this evening news clip: CBS News Video.

To learn more, visit

New Wireless Capability for WBJ Portals

WB Johnson recently announced the release of a wireless option for it series of AM-801 portal monitors.  These portals are already the most sensitive and user-friendly in the market; the wireless option now positions it as the most powerful too.

The wireless option broadcasts the status and measurements of every person going through the portals onto a mesh, self-healing type network.  Mesh network enabled devices pass along their information to other surrounding mesh enabled units until it reaches back to a central monitoring station.  Anytime communication is lost by one device, the information automatically reroutes to another device so bidirectional communications continue uninterrupted.

This radiation network accommodates up to 50 radiation detection units of different types so you can wirelessly connect portal monitors, personal dosimeters, area monitors etc; all on one common system.  The benefit of connecting all of your different radiation devices is its ability to receive a more comprehensive radiological perspective for the area of interest.

New Texas Office Branch Manager

Qal-Tek is pleased to announce that John Walker has been named the new Round Rock, Texas Branch Manager.  John has worked for Qal-Tek for about 5 years and has learned the business from the ground up.  John’s hard work has gained him a highly favorable reputation in the industry.  His industry knowledge, dedication, and uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction are but some of the reasons that led to this well deserved promotion and we are all pleased with his rise to this new position.

John moved to Texas from California, is married, and has one child.  He enjoys riding motorcycles and continually making improvements on his home.

Congratulations John!

Qal-Tek Company Headquarters

Qal-Tek’s business has been expanding!

Qal-Tek’s business has been expanding! To accommodate the growing needs, a third building has been erected at our company headquarters here in Idaho Falls. It’s almost ready for occupancy and we are all excited for the added space!