Qal-Tek Trains CBIRF at Guardian Centers

Qal-Tek recently completed training CBIRF at Guardian Centers where well over 200 marines encountered real radiation events.  The exercise lasted an entire week which included classroom training, practical, and finally real life scenarios that ran day and night. The rad training was all formulated and administered by Qal-Tek in partnership with Guardian Centers.  This event received […]

New Texas Office Branch Manager

Qal-Tek is pleased to announce that John Walker has been named the new Round Rock, Texas Branch Manager.  John has worked for Qal-Tek for about 5 years and has learned the business from the ground up.  John’s hard work has gained him a highly favorable reputation in the industry.  His industry knowledge, dedication, and uncompromising […]

Qal-Tek Company Headquarters

Qal-Tek’s business has been expanding!

Qal-Tek’s business has been expanding! To accommodate the growing needs, a third building has been erected at our company headquarters here in Idaho Falls. It’s almost ready for occupancy and we are all excited for the added space!