Don Prescott Retires

Qal-Tek celebrated Don Prescott’s retirement with a luncheon on January 5th, 2018.  Don joined the company with one other individual on the same day making them employee number two and three at Qal-Tek.  Don quipped, “I guess I’m employee number 2.5!”  President Travis Snowder delivered a speech recalling many shared memories and expressing gratitude both personally and on behalf of the company for his many years of service to the company.  Don was a highly respected Subject Matter Expert (SME) and instrumental in developing much of Qal-Tek’s calibration processes and training its technicians.

Don will be greatly missed and we wish him and his wife all the best as they enjoy retirement together.


Fixed Gauge RSO Training Class in Las Vegas

Qal-Tek is pleased to announce that it has set up a RSO training class in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 14th & 15th.  This class is for Radiation Safety Officer training relating to fixed or installed nuclear gauges.  The class will be located at the Central Las Vegas Executive Suites on 6130 Elton Ave which is about 5 miles from downtown Las Vegas.  Starting time is 9:00 AM.  There will be a one hour lunch break and end at 4:30 PM both days.  Upon arrival, just ask the front receptionist for directions to the Qal-Tek Training Meeting.

To book your reservation email or call (208) 523-5557.

There are only 18 seats, so be sure to book yours soon!

Qal-Tek Participates as Partner in RDS Contract

In September of 2016, Qal-Tek Associates was awarded a subcontract as a critical supplier for VPI Technology Group.  VPI, serving as the prime contractor to the US Army, was awarded the first phase of a $165.2 million contract for the development of a Radiological Detection System (RDS).  Qal-Tek plays an important part of the RDS development team pulling from its extensive instrumentation and training experience. Also included in the team are D-tect Systems, Inc. and W. B. Johnson Instruments, which provide a rich background of radiation detection instrumentation manufacturing and which will distribute the eventual commercial versions of the RDS products. Travis Snowder, President/CEO of Qal-Tek Associates said, “This team has been working on the pursuit of this contract for a long time. We knew that this team was able to bring something special to this project, and we are excited to play such an important role in protecting our war-fighters.”

Qal-Tek has been working closely with VPI in the development, design, and testing of the new system since the award.  Morgan Taylor, CEO of VPI, stated, “This project’s objective of supporting and protecting US military war-fighters is one that VPI is proud to execute. It allows our team to combine radiological, operational, and engineering expertise to assist our warfighters in their missions.  We are confident that the capabilities this teaming arrangement brings to the project will allow us to successfully fulfill the requirements of the program.”

The RDS project is a multi-phase project, with the first phase of engineering and testing lasting from September of 2016 through 2019.

Meet Our New Quality Assurance Manager

When quality is baked into your company name, it automatically becomes a high priority to deeply embed it into the company culture and job performance.  So when it came time to hire a new Quality Assurance Manager, we interviewed extensively before settling on KC Nii.  KC is a former INL Quality Assurance Engineer with a background in process improvement initiatives, program compliance to several nationally recognized standards, Quality Assurance Program auditing, and issue resolution through root cause analysis and corrective action planning. She graduated from U of I, College of Engineering in 2014, with a Bachelor’s in Industrial Technology with an emphasis on Emergency Management. She plans on returning this fall to earn a Master’s Program in Technology Management with an emphasis on Emergency Planning and Management.

KC likes to spend her free time with her husband and four children, preferably camping or exploring the outdoors. She enjoys trying new things and traveling when the opportunity arises.  We are all excited to have KC join our company and are looking forward to working along side of her as she helps us to continually strive for further improvement of our services and products.

Quinton Harris

Qal-Tek welcomes Quinton as the newest addition to our Radiation Safety Sales (RSS) team.  Quinton comes with prior sales experience plus rad tech and hazwoper certifications that are ideal for his role in selling Qal-Tek’s extensive radiological safety services and radiation source disposals.  Quinton has an abundance of enthusiasm, loves this line of work, and enjoys tackling the unique challenges that he comes across on a daily basis.  His innovative solutions are a perfect match for our culture and we are very excited to have him working for us.  Quinton is an Eagle Scout, a snow boarding fanatic, loves golfing, and an all-around terrific guy that we think will resonate very well with our clientele.

Rob Ramsey

Qal-Tek welcomes Rob Ramsey as part of our sales team.  Rob will be taking over from Ron Young who recently retired.  Rob comes to us with many years of experience in the commercial construction market and is well- acquainted with nuclear density gauges and laboratory measurement & test equipment.  Rob is an Idaho native, married, and has 5 children.  He loves the outdoors, volunteers in community service, and delivers talks to   youth groups about drug abuse and suicide prevention.   We welcome Rob aboard our team; we think he has a great future ahead at Qal-Tek.

Ron Young Retirement

Qal-Tek gave Ron Young a royal retirement send-off on May 31st.  After 12 years with Qal-Tek, Ron decided it was time to enjoy his well-deserved golden years.  Ron was instrumental in selling Qal-Tek’s calibration services to the construction market and helped issue in many of the revolutionary changes Qal-Tek introduced.  He also served as the Sales Manager for most of those years as it expanded it services and expansion into the market.  Ron always talked about how much he loved his job and the customers he served.  Ron was also not your typical 8-5 type of guy; he always stayed till the days work was done and his customers got what they needed.

At the retirement party, Travis Snowder, company CEO and president, shared some humorous recollections involving Ron that had us all laughing pretty hard.  Travis also acknowledged Ron’s invaluable contributions and presented him with an engraved watch to remember us by.  Ron took this opportunity to deliver a heart-felt speech of his own wherein he expressed how much we all meant to him.

Ron will be deeply missed, and we all wish him all the very best as he moves onto his next adventure in life.

Phoenix Ace Rad

Qal-Tek has actively been demonstrating its new radiation sensing drone, the Phoenix Ace Rad over the past couple of months.  This unique drone is designed for inspecting emergency response sites to assess potentially dangerous conditions before sending in First Responders.  The Ace Rad is equipped with sensitive gamma detectors that provide high sensitivity to measure low level background micro-R levels with added range that extends all the way to 100 R/h.

A very key feature is the one hour flight time that enables the drone to not only map the radiation readings of the incident site, but to also fly in closer to more thoroughly inspect high radiation readings or simply view the incident via its EO/IR cameras.  This all carbon fiber, modular, 4 rotor design delivers a very durable and stable design that is easy to fly.  Several pre-programmed flight modes help pilots maintain flight safety any time they get into trouble or simply need to pay more attention to something else for a brief while.

After the mission, the Ace Rad breaks down quickly and along with the base station radio and flight control can be packed into a backpack for ease of transport.

If you’re looking for a professional drone capable of flying missions upwards of an hour and outfitted with sensors, mission software, mapping, flight training and expert reach-back support, contact us at (208) 523-5557.  We think you’ll be impressed!

New OSCAR Trucks

Qal-Tek is looking forward to rolling out their new fleet of OSCAR trucks over the next month.  Our revolutionary mobile platform that delivers the 3-block, A2LA accredited calibrations for nuclear density/moisture gauges has been a great success.  We have put on  hundreds of thousands of miles on each truck and its time to retire and replace them.  We are also rolling out a new look with graphics designed to more prominently display our brand and all of our radiation safety services.

Drone Demonstration Winner

We’d like to congratulate Tracy Calhoun, our lucky winner of the Qal-Tek Yeti Cooler!  Qal-Tek Associates performed a live demo of our new Phoenix Ace Rad UAV on Saturday June 17th at the IAFC Hazmat Conference in Baltimore.   The live demo was a lot of fun and gave our interested clients an opportunity to see the Phoenix Ace Rad in a real operational environment performing real time surveying, search and detection operations.  If you’d like some more information on the new WB Johnson Phoenix Ace Rad UAV and its incredible capabilities, please contact us at 1-208-523-5557!