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Why do nuclear density gauges suffer from corrosion?

Nuclear density gauges are exposed to extreme, moisture-rich environments. From the torrential downpours and hurricanes of Texas, to the arid deserts of Arizona, nuclear density gauges are expected to perform in a variety of conditions. For the most part, these instruments are rugged and can withstand much of what nature has to offer; however, this […]

Don Prescott Retires

Qal-Tek celebrated Don Prescott’s retirement with a luncheon on January 5th, 2018.  Don joined the company with one other individual on the same day making them employee number two and three at Qal-Tek.  Don quipped, “I guess I’m employee number 2.5!”  President Travis Snowder delivered a speech recalling many shared memories and expressing gratitude both […]

Jeremy Teeples Promoted to COO

Qal-Tek is pleased to announce its new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Jeremy Teeples.   Jeremy was promoted from Operations Manager on 9-15-2017, a position Jeremy has held since 2014. This is a significant milestone in Qal-Tek’s nearly twenty year history, as it is the first time the companies daily activities will be run by someone other than the founding family. […]

Fixed Gauge RSO Training Class in Las Vegas

Qal-Tek is pleased to announce that it has set up a RSO training class in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 14th & 15th.  This class is for Radiation Safety Officer training relating to fixed or installed nuclear gauges.  The class will be located at the Central Las Vegas Executive Suites on 6130 Elton Ave which […]

Qal-Tek Participates as Partner in RDS Contract

In September of 2016, Qal-Tek Associates was awarded a subcontract as a critical supplier for VPI Technology Group.  VPI, serving as the prime contractor to the US Army, was awarded the first phase of a $165.2 million contract for the development of a Radiological Detection System (RDS).  Qal-Tek plays an important part of the RDS […]

Fantastic Little Geiger Counter

I recently met Dan Sythe, the owner of International Medcom, who showed me his latest design which is an innovative geiger counter he calls the ONYX. It uses the standard 2″ GM pancake detector supplied by LND so the sensitivity is exactly like any HP-260 or 44-9 probe. But that’s where any similarity ends. This […]