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Looking For A Better Way to Manage Your Inventories?

Within each industry, different types of assets such as instruments, equipment, and vehicles are critical to running your business each and every day. Independent of the asset type, the one common factor that always exists is that they all need to be properly tracked, maintained, and managed if your organization is going to run efficiently. […]

Collaboration Is The New Competitive Advantage

by Greg Sawtell Can You Handle the Truth In 1985, a relatively unknown professor at Harvard Business School named Michael Porter published a book called Competitive Advantage, which explained that by optimizing every facet of the value chain, a firm could consistently outperform its competitors. The book was an immediate success and made Porter a management superstar. Yet […]

Why 1 Second Is 1 Second

By Nathaniel Scharping, blogs.discovermagazine.com View Original January 18th, 2018 Just what is a second, exactly? The question has been open to interpretation ever since the first long-case grandfather clocks began marking off seconds in the mid-17th century and introduced the concept to the world at large. The answer, simply, is that a second is 1/60th of […]

CBRNE Solutions Industry Event – April 19, 2018

Qal-Tek will be hosting a Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) Solutions Industry event on April 19, 2018. This event will bring together members of the Emergency Response Community, U.S. Military Responders, DHS, DoD, and other members of the CBRNE response community.   The objective of this event is to emphasize the crucial role that […]

Rob Zaremski Joins Qal-Tek

Qal-Tek is pleased to announce that Rob Zaremski has joined Qal-Tek as the Government Sales Manager.   Rob is a 24 year veteran of the safety and security industry and has worked for manufacturers, distributors and his own manufacturers’ representative group. Rob has dedicated his career to providing critical solutions to our Nation’s First Responders. He […]

Washington lawmakers seek to increase nuclear attack preparations

For the first time in more than 30 years, emergency planning in Washington state could include preparations for potential nuclear attacks thanks to bipartisan bills entering both the House and Senate. In 1983, the Legislature voted to ban nuclear war preparations from emergency planning procedures. The prohibition specifically applies to planning for evacuation and relocation […]

Graphene Used to Create New Radiation Detector

Graphene is a remarkable material: light, strong, transparent and electrically conductive. It can also convert heat to electricity. Researchers have recently exploited this thermoelectric property to create a new kind of radiation detector. Classified as a bolometer, the new device has a fast response time and, unlike most other bolometers, works over a wide range […]