$499 – Single NDG Calibration including round trip shipping

– Includes ring & bumper replacement, leak test, 3 month mEyeCal trial and free roundtrip YRC shipping
– Free shipping only applies to all areas covered by YRC. If another shipper is necessary, Qaltek will apply a proportional discount towards actual costs by another company and forward you a quote for this service.
– Pricing only applies to all gauges equipped with rods notched at two inch increments. Units with one inch notches will be an extra $50. For Troxler Plus gauges add $40, and an extra $200 for the Model 3450.
– Price does not include any repair labor or parts. Permission to proceed on any additional work is provided.
– Contact Qal-Tek to schedule pickup from your facility.
– 5 day lab turn-around does not include transit time.
– Northeastern states require an additional $50 to cover shipping expenses.

Part Number: PROMO0016

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