Fracking Radiation

Radioactive waste produced by hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is making headlines all over gas land, particularly in North Dakota’s booming Bakken gas and oil field. National news coverage of the scandalous illegal dumping of radioactive filter “socks” there  — on Indian Reservations no less — has led North Dakota’s legislature to consider changes to its […]

“Matryoshka” to shield Mars-headed cosmonauts from radiation

The “Matryoshka”, or as it is also called the phantom, is a simulator of the human body, and for more than 10 years now, has been collecting data on cosmic radiation. The obtained findings helped to create a list of recommendations for cosmonauts. In March, the Matryoshka’s detectors will be updated. Radiation permeates all space, […]

Food radiation risks low after 2011 accident in Japan

A groundbreaking analysis from Colorado State University shows that radiation levels in food grown near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant dropped quickly and likely posed minor health risks after the plant’s meltdown and release of radioactive materials four years ago this week. But the CSU researchers also identified a possible future public health threat […]