Counterfeit Cigarettes Contaminated with Radiation

German customs have warned that counterfeit Red Marlboro cigarettes may flood into Europe from Vietnam contaminated with lethal radiation. Officials at German air and seaports have been issued with geiger counters to read radioactive signals after a batch of the bogus cigarettes were intercepted in Warsaw, Poland, earlier this year. The packages contain flawless tax […]

Radioactivity Increase in Reindeer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Blame Mushroom Season Rudolph’s nose might be glowing just a little bit brighter this year, for all the wrong reasons: radiation levels in Norwegian reindeer sharply rose this year. According to a Norwegian environmental report, scientists in September observed 8,200 becquerel (a unit of measurement for radioactivity) of Celsium-137 per kilo in reindeer, a noticeable […]