Researchers develop new radiation detector with a lot of promise

In a paper to be published in the Oct. 1 issue of Optics Letters, UT Arlington Physics Professor Wei Chen and his co-authors describe a new method to fabricate transparent nanoscintillators by heating nanoparticles composed of lanthanum, yttrium and oxygen until a transparent ceramic is formed. A scintillator refers to a material that glows in […]

Rolls-Royce fined for radiation exposure to workers

A subsidiary of Rolls-Royce in Derby has been fined £200,000 for exposing workers to a radioactive material that was misplaced for five hours. Marine Power Operations admitted the 2011 breach when a piece of radioactive equipment broke while parts for nuclear submarines were being tested in Sinfin. Three welders unknowingly passed around a radioactive sample, […]

Changes at LANL resulting from WIPP Leak

Four top officials at Los Alamos National Laboratory have been reassigned and the lab’s private operator is losing the job of cleaning up nuclear waste as fallout from the lab’s role in a radioactive leak at the country’s nuclear waste dump near Carlsbad. A lab official confirmed lab director Charlie McMillan’s reassignment of four managers […]

Radiation Fears Still Haunt Fukushima

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The road leading to Fukushima City is filled with scenic views of rice fields in varying shades of green and gold, and villages surrounded by mountains with lush forests of cypress and pine trees – a postcard-perfect landscape. But amid this, piles of black and blue garbage bags occupy roadsides and empty lots. These bags […]

Radiation Technology Superfund Cleanup Plan Announced

Dozens of contaminated buildings at the 263-acre Radiation Technology Superfund site — once used for testing and developing rocket engines and propellant — will be knocked down under a plan announced Monday. In all, 34 buildings and structures at the Lake Denmark Road property — contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), asbestos and other materials — […]

DOE Conducts Radiation Aerial Survey of West Valley

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), in cooperation with the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA), will be conducting an aerial survey, starting Monday, to measure radiation at and near the West Valley Demonstration Project in the town of Ashford in Cattaraugus County. The purpose of the survey is to measure the […]

Los Alamos Drum Leak Investigation Update

Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists have identified another nuclear waste drum, similar to the drum that caused the February’s radiation leak at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. Terry Wallace Jr., the LANL WIPP recovery leader and principal associate director for global security, testified that the chemical reaction was likely caused by a discarded glovebox glove […]

New Study of 1945 Trinity Blast Site

Better late than never? Nearly 70 years after the Manhattan Project conducted the world’s first atomic bomb test, the National Cancer Institute will soon begin a new investigation into the effects of the radioactive fallout on communities in New Mexico. As the Wall Street Journal reports, this will be be the most detailed examination yet […]