New Radiation Specialist Training Course Available

Qal-Tek Associates, in partnership with Guardian Centers is pleased to announce its new Radiation Specialist training course designed to teach emergency responders true radiation behavior through use of live radiation sources.  This course lasts five days and is conducted at Guardian Centers’ exclusive 75 acre training facility located in Perry, GA. For more details or […]

Air Testing Lapse at WIPP Blamed on Staff Vacancy

State regulators failed to collect air samples in the week following a radiation release at a New Mexico nuclear waste dump because of a vacancy in the office responsible for monitoring the site at the time, a state official said on Friday. The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, where drums of plutonium-tainted refuse from government nuclear […]

EPA Forced to Retreat on Radiation Limits

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is raising by a factor of 350 what it considers to be the threshold for safe radiation exposure, Jon Utley reported at The higher threshold belatedly rectifies overly restrictive standards that have cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars, Utley reported. Tsunami, Not Reactor, Was Deadly Utley documented […]

How table salt may help understand public radiation exposures

Radiation safety workers in Fukushima, Japan have helped a doctoral student at Lund University in Sweden demonstrate that ordinary table salt can be used to measure radiation exposures. The radiation safety workers carried small packets of salt in light-tight containers while they worked as well as traditional dosimeters. By taking advantage of optically stimulated luminescence […]

Qal-Tek Trains CBIRF at Guardian Centers

Qal-Tek recently completed training CBIRF at Guardian Centers where well over 200 marines encountered real radiation events.  The exercise lasted an entire week which included classroom training, practical, and finally real life scenarios that ran day and night. The rad training was all formulated and administered by Qal-Tek in partnership with Guardian Centers.  This event received […]