Post-Fukushima radiation levels near US shores continue to increase

Radiation levels in Albacore tuna have tripled post-Fukushima, according to Oregon State University (OSU) researchers. The scientists came to that conclusion after conducting a study on fish caught off the coast of Oregon. According to Delvin Neville, a graduate research assistant at OSU, these trace levels are too small to be a realistic concern. “A […]

Trial decontamination work stumbles

Trial decontamination work in evacuated areas of Fukushima Prefecture has failed to reduce radiation levels to a point where residents can return to their homes, the Environment Ministry said Wednesday. Radiation levels were lowered by around 50 to 80 percent in test residential areas, farmland and roads — not enough to bring readings down to […]

Sudan: Oil Workers Exposed to Radiation in West Kordofan

Khartoum — About 70 workers of a Chinese oil company working in West Kordofan have been exposed to radiation. The company immediately transferred 21 of the workers, 13 Sudanese, six Chinese, and two Pakistani, to Khartoum for medical tests, El Taghyeer newspaper reported on Friday. The workers were directly exposed to radiation at the oil […]