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Developing innovative solutions that empower those building a better and more secure world is our passion. We take enormous pride in serving all those dedicated men and women who face danger on a daily basis as they improve our quality of life, enhance our security, and rescue us from disaster.  Qal-Tek’s  experienced team of professionals work very hard at innovating solutions that deliver superior services and products so these brave builders can be safer and always performing at their very best.


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False Ballistic Missle Alert in Hawaii Causes Panic and then Anger

January 13, 2018

Human error caused an official ballistic missile alert to be sent out via the emergency broadcast system shortly after 8 AM in Hawaii.  The message emphasized it wasn’t a drill and urged everyone to seek shelter immediately.  Given the short 20 minute missile flight time to the island from North Korea it sent the islands inhabitants and tourists into widespread panic.  Unfortunately while the error was discovered very quickly, it took about 37 minutes before broadcasting the mistake delivering welcomed relief and inciting anger among many.

Read more about the incident here from the newswires:  Hawaii Panics After Alert About Incoming Missile Is Sent in Error

To many on the island, this incident was a wake up call that shattered their false sense of security as they feared massive destruction and widespread death while huddling together with loved ones in whatever safe-haven was close at hand.   Undoubtedly many wished they had planned and prepared better as a million-and-one-ifs raced through their minds while counting down the remaining minutes.  Fortunately, they are being given another chance – and so are we.

In our nuclear weaponized world, the threat is very real nearly everywhere on the globe and not just in Hawaii.  This Hawaiian incident should be a wake up call for all of our citizens, leaders, and emergency responders to take action sooner rather than wait until its too late.  Qal-Tek offers unique training and equipment to help those who wish to better prepare themselves.  We have been delivering radiation response training to the military, hazmat teams, and first responders to prepare them for a wide variety of radiological type scenarios, including nuclear detonations.

Learn more about Qal-Tek’s Emergency Training Programs and Radiation Meters so you can be prepared and have some peace of mind.


Jeremy Teeples Promoted to COO

Qal-Tek is pleased to announce its new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Jeremy Teeples.   Jeremy was promoted from Operations Manager on 9-15-2017, a position Jeremy has held since 2014.

This is a significant milestone in Qal-Tek’s nearly twenty year history, as it is the first time the companies daily activities will be run by someone other than the founding family.  “Jeremy possesses an excellent combination of skills as a trusted leader and his history at Qal-Tek make him the perfect candidate.  I’m excited to see his success and for Qal-Tek to make this next step in our growth.” said Travis Snowder, President/CEO.

In Jeremy’s six years he has been instrumental in Qal-Tek’s growth while helping to build the innovative spirit of the company.  Jeremy initially came aboard working for WB Johnson, an affiliate company, where he took over operations and helped in its promotion efforts.  His successful efforts there led him to Qal-Tek where he initially oversaw all instrument service operations.  In 2015, Jeremy was handed the radiological device and breakdown operations where he has improved the operational efficiency.

In his tenure at Qal-Tek, Jeremy has won the respect and admiration of his fellow workers for his ability to get things done while juggling a wide range of duties and responsibilities.  Under his leadership, work quality and operational efficiency has improved, and he has helped to spearhead many key company initiatives very successfully.

Congratulations to Jeremy, and we look forward to his direction as Qal-Tek continues its journey of providing innovation solutions.


Qal-Tek adheres to all the ANSI standards that pertain to radiation measurement and calibrations of radiological equipment as part of its ISO 17025 accreditation.

  • ANSI – Z540
  • ANSI – N23-1997
  • ANSI – N42-17

Qal-Tek employs NIST traceable sources for all its calibration and experimental work.  Our laboratory has been employed by many research organizations performing development and research projects. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) was founded in 1901 and now part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. NIST is one of the nation’s oldest physical science laboratories.

Qal-Tek is proud to be ISO 17025 accredited by A2LA.   The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) is a nonprofit, non-governmental, public service, membership society. They are the only independent, non-profit, internationally-recognized accreditation body in the United States that offers a full range of comprehensive laboratory and laboratory-related accreditation services and training.